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Servicing: Bosque, Ellis, Hill, Hood, Johnson, Tarrant, Somervell, Parker, Dallas, Denton, and surrounding Counties.

Get Prequalified

Traditional Loans:

Zero down Programs, property and customer must qualify:


Lower PMI, reduces your payment

VA Loans - zero down available

Ask about Low Income Bond Programs to help with dpa 

Lenders look at several things, a few you should know yourself are:


Medium Credit - The lesser of
28.000 % of gross income or
36.000 % of gross income less fixed monthly expenses

Good Credit - The lesser of
36.000 % of gross income or
42.000 % of gross income less fixed monthly expenses

Using the calculation methods above to determine how much you qualify for or send me an email.

CREDIT SCORE, lenders go by the "MID SCORE"  for example:

Experian=600/TransUnion=620/Equafax=640 the mid score is 620 (score to qualify for FHA loan (must have 3.5% down of the sales price)

Job history (must be same line of work) if not the same position for the past 2 years)

Realtors have an ethical duty to treat all parties fairly regardless of whom they represent.  If you are not paying cash.  Before previewing a property, you should be able to show proof you are qualified or have the cash to close. 

Appointments with me are set upon knowledge of this information.